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 We are strategically positioned to directly and physically serve clients within the Milton Keynes, London and Birmingham axis and indeed all parts of the United Kingdom. You can trust Stanley Richards Solicitors to take your case seriously and advocate on your behalf to the full extend of the law.

Employment Law

We practice employment law and aim to provide comprehensive and cost effective advice to employers and employees in all sectors of employment law. We are happy to discuss any employment law issue you have in a free initial phone call […]

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Debt and Money Advice

Have you lost your job? Do you have high bills and little or no income? Stanley Richards is here to help. Stanley Richards Solicitors have ample experience representing individuals, small businesses and limited companies in Debt and Money matters. […]

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Housing Law

At Stanley Richards Solicitors we have extensive experience dealing with landlords on behalf of our clients. If you rent your home or if you are a leaseholder, you have a legal agreement with your landlord or freeholder. This gives you both rights and responsibilities. […]

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Mental Health Law

Stanley Richards Solicitors is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and accredited to represent individuals with all areas of the Mental Health Act. Our Mental Health Team has the knowledge and experience and passion in dealing with a vast range of cases. […]

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Immigration and Asylum Law

Stanley Richards Solicitors are aware that Immigration and Asylum Law is often very complicated and confusing. Legislators also make frequent changes and amendments to the law leading to further confusion. Don’t let this stop you; […]

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Industrial Disease

We are the UK’s leading specialists in industrial disease and work related conditions. We pride ourselves on putting our clients first, providing a personable yet professional legal service and expert guidance through every stage of the claim process. […]

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